We've traced forfeited assets to 25 locations in Nigeria — FG

By Dele Sobowale

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom. The music is nothing if the audience is deaf.”  

Walter Lippmann, 1889-1974, VANGUARD BOOK OF QUOTATIONS, p 275.  

Abandon hope, all those who intend to advise the Federal Government of Nigeria, FGN, regarding how to get the economy grow at a faster rate than what we have experienced since 2015. This Federal Government is not likely to listen. I weep for Nigeria. How do I know that?  

Simple. Just take a look at the Medium Term Economic Framework, MTEF, just released and submitted to National Assembly, NASS. The NASS, predictably, will accept it without much question and consign Fellow Nigerians to a future destined to be characterised by worsened poverty, recurrent famine, increased unemployment and more banditry. With…

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