Ecobank partners with Alipay on cross-border payments as focus increases on Africa’s remittance market

The world, for the most part, is arguably a global village, and as people increasingly migrate to different places around the world in search of green pastures, effective means of diaspora remittance has become almost a necessity.

In 2019, PwC highlighted the size of the remittance market, with a massive sum of $25.5 million in diaspora remittances, and even bigger sums likely to be sent through unofficial means.

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As a result, it appears a number of financial services providers have been making moves to position themselves to tap into the budding remittance market.


In 2019, the Nigerian payment company, Paga, partnered with global remittance platform, WorldRemit. This year, Airtel expanded its mobile money platform by partnering with financial giants, Western Union, and Flutterwave with WorldPay.

In another development, pan-African banking giants, Ecobank, with a presence in more than 33 African countries, has announced a partnership…

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