Drivers want ride-hailing companies to be more concerned about their well-being

On March 29, 2020, the Nigerian government announced its decision to suspend all movement in Lagos, Ogun, and the FCT for 14 days in an attempt to curb the spread of the coronavirus disease.

In response to the government’s directive, ride-hailing companies — Uber and Bolt — made it known to the public that their services will not be accessible for the next two weeks.

Uber’s statement read:

“As announced by President Muhammadu Buhari on March 29, 2020, there will be a restriction of all movement within Lagos and Abuja during the 14-day lockdown which begins at 11 pm on Monday, 30th March. Based on this directive, Uber will temporarily cease operations for the period of the lockdown, subject to any further government announcements.”


On the other hand, Bolt, while issuing a similar statement, simultaneously revealed the launch of its delivery service, Bolt Business Delivery, in Lagos and Abuja.

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