Drive 10x your Revenue and Value at this year’s Sales…

Sales Leadership Conference (SLC) is West Africa’s biggest convergence of revenue leaders across corporate Nigeria.

At the first edition hosted in 2018, we were joined by about 250 revenue leaders & CEOs from about 80 organizations including A-lists such as MTN, AxaMansard PLC, Friesland Campina PLC (Peak Milk), RenMoney, etc.

We then went on to host about 400 participants in the second edition which held at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos on April 3-4, 2019 hosting speakers from across Africa including South Africa.

In the next and including revenue leaders, CEOs, Regional Directors, Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and other senior executives in what is now the biggest revenue-focused conference in all of the West African sub-region.

Some of our confirmed speakers include:


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