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It seems Nigeria might just win the unenviable award of the country with the most recorded bizarre incidents.

At a time when one assumes one has heard, seen or experienced the most outrageous incidents, daily reports from across the country put a lie to everything.

The News Agency of Nigeria’s (NAN) report that residents of some communities in Bauchi State in Northern Nigeria have resorted to transporting the sick and pregnant women  to hospitals on donkeys and ox-drawn trucks due to bad roads sounds so incredible in a 21st century nation that lays claim to democracy.

However, this is a factual report and should be seen as failure of governance. Sadly though, the state is not alone in this regrettable situation of infrastructural decay.

Even though there seems to be a dearth of outrage given the plethora of tragic situations that seem to be mentally exhausting for the citizens, we condemn with all the moral strength we can muster the fact that governments seem…

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