Dirty makeup sponges harbour dangerous bacteria, expert warns

By Omolara Akintoye


MILLIONS of people around the world use makeup to enhance their features and express their personality.

However, research has shown that dirty makeup sponges harbour the highest amount of bacteria among beauty products.

New evidence shows that many makeup products that have passed their expiry dates, as well as many beauty tools  particularly makeup sponges  that people do not periodically clean, harbour potentially harmful bacteria, such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

In an interview with Dr. Biola Aiyeola of Honey Glo Beauty World, Ishaga, Lagos, it was revealed that as of May 2017, 31% of people aged 1829 years, 41% of people aged 3059 years, and 35% of individuals aged 60 years and over wear makeup on a daily basis.

“However, applying makeup in bathrooms, public toilets, and on car, train, and plane journeys gives makeup products and associated beauty tools plenty of opportunities to gather potentially harmful bacteria.

“All makeup…

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