Cure in knowledge of human blood radiation

Femi Kusa


WITH 2020 gone into the archives, it is natural to pray and hope that 2021 will be a really brand new and clean year free of COVID-19 harassments. Afterall, the Indian boy who predicted it said it should be gone by September or December last year. But what are we hearing now? A newer and deadlier strain of COVID-19 has hit  the United Kingdom, some countries have imposed travel bans on that nation, and the new virus has found its way again into Lagos and Abuja through the usual vectors…the high and mighty Nigerians who will never learn to stop gallivanting worldwide. So, it would seem we are in it again, and must return to the trenches.

In the trenches, there are really helpful and healing herbs. I mentioned some of them last year after I recovered from a three-week bout with look “alike” symptoms of COVID-19. My experiences and how I bounced back to life were posted in under the title COVID-19: Look alike …

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