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Ted Cruise or Fled Cruz — the punning was severe.  It’s about a US senator that, with family, flew into warmer climes in Cancun, Mexico, as his Texas constituents literarily froze to death.

This gripping, wintry, American tale also had a comic Nigerian side.  As the Texas utility restored power, for the first time, after four days of bitter, deathly cold, Nigerians out there, many of them — if not most — caught up in the power snafu, danced and leapt for joy, screaming and singing: “Up NEPA!”  “Up NEPA!”

Up NEPA!  In Uncle Sam’s territory, the very God’s own country?  A compatriot, thrilled or riled, just commented on a thread: Nigerians!  You can’t take from them their Nigerian-ness! But not that alone.

Videos, that went viral, showed a queue of Texans, fetching water from a public point, plodding in the forming bog, even as life went on in the traffic, not so far away.

That again, in far away USA, is another…

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