COVID-19: In fifth broadcast, Ghana President announces pay rise, free water for all

The President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo, has announced a three-month free provision of water for all Ghanaians.

This is part of his government’s efforts to cushion the effect of COVID-19.

Akufo-Addo announced this in a national broadcast, his fifth since the start of the outbreak.

“The Ghana Water Company and the Electricity Company of Ghana have been directed to ensure stable supply and electricity during this period. There will be no disconnection of supply”, he assured.

The president added that the government will absorb the water bills for April, May and June.

Akufo-Addo also said all frontline health workers treating COVID-19 patients will receive 50 per cent additional salary allowance.

Also, they would not pay taxes on their emoluments for the next 3 months.


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