Corruption In Africa and the Role of the Global North, By Uche Igwe

A new index is needed. It should be transparent and inclusive to allow Western nations who benefit from the proceeds of corruption in Africa to desist from playing the ostrich about moral virtue. Rather they should learn to obey the simple table manners that it is wrong to talk while eating.

The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), a flagship research product of Transparency International, is arguably one of the advocacy tools most used to demand institutional change. It has drawn international attention to the issue of corruption, and many global organisations depend on the Index’s findings to make powerful decisions about where to locate their capital. In these days, marked by economic turmoil arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, resources are scarce and decisions about their allocation are too crucial to be wished away; and year after year, developing countries often await the publication of the CPI with some anxiety, almost sure to find themselves embarrassingly at the bottom of the list.

The CPI’s Contribution To the Interrogation of Development Processes

The default position of many African states is to hail the CPI report when they make any marginal…

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