Coronavirus is a crazy lesson teacher!

By Dr Ugoji Egbujo

Trump said it would vanish in no time. He once said it was a hoax. But today it has gripped New York  by the scruff of the neck and dead bodies are pilling up. Corpses are  being loaded into long refrigerated trucks. Trump’s strategic reserve of masks and ventilators have been consumed, exhausted. His penchant for glib talk hasn’t ceased. But his ego and conceitedness have suffered a bad dent.

And the pandemic is only beginning to rage.

The death toll is on a high gear. The toll  in America has reached  1000 per day. 1000 human beings. In Italy, in  a section of Northern Italy, there  wont be many  elderly people left when this  viral inferno subsides. Italy has buried over 10,000. The average age of those buried is 78.

The UK had seemed immune. Only…

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