Coronavirus cases reach 1,192m, as deaths soar to 64228

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Coronavirus infections worldwide exploded to over 1,192,621 yesterday despite lockdowns in many countries.

Data from showed that fatalities stood at 64228 at Nigerian time.

United States remained the worst-hit nation on earth with nearly 300000 cases and 8000 deaths.

Friday was the darkest day for the world’s biggest economy. Over 32,000 infections were recorded in a single day.

New York and Louisiana posted record deaths that shot America’s fatality to new heights.

Spain reported 809 more deaths between Friday and Saturday for a new tally of 11,744 fatalities from the pandemic.

Spain’s Health Ministry said that its total number of infections had reached 124,736. That is an increase of 7,026 infections from Friday, which is slightly down from the previous 24-hour period as the rate of the outbreak decreases in the country.

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The daily increase…

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