Contract staff stage a non-violent protest at the Mantrac CAT head office in Billingsway, Oregun, Lagos – GistReel

The contract staff took a place at the entrance gate of the organization to air out their grievances to the management team over their low salary income, little or no overtime earnings.

According to a protester, who chose to remain anonymous, the casual staff took a pay cut from a monthly income of about N60,000 – N80,000 to a salary of about N40,000.

He expantiated that no explanation was given except that there was a change in the company handling their employment on behalf of Mantrac.

Another protester stated that on several occasions, complaints have been made to HR over the non pleasant monthly income but no solution have been proffered.

In addition to the poor earnings, the workers lamented on the poor working conditions where they are faced with several occupational hazard ranging from back injury, air and noise pollution yet their is no sufficient compensation for the risk they face during the course of performing their duties.

The protesters resumed at Mantrac’s entrance before they 7:30 resumption time and they are still converged as at the time of reporting.

No management staff was prepared to state what solution will be proffered to quell the protest of the contract staff.

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