Conspiracy theories unlimited – The Nation Nigeria

By Sanya Oni

It is a season of conspiracy theories. Thanks to a germ said to be 100 times smaller than bacteria; the world, it seems, has finally persuaded itself that it is on to a new era very much unlike those before it! That is more than 120 years after the Russian scientist Dmitry I. Ivanovsky and his Dutch counterpart Martinus W. Beijerinck availed the scientific community, nay the world, of their groundbreaking work on virus.

Here is what Gates told CBS News at the 2017 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland some three years ago on the  then looming crisis: “The impact of a huge epidemic, like a flu epidemic, would be phenomenal because all the supply chains would break down. There’d be a lot of panic. Many of our systems would be overloaded”.

He would re-echo the same concerns at the Massachusetts Medical Society’s annual Shattuck Lecture a year later: “Given the continual emergence of new pathogens, the increasing risk of a bioterror attack, and how…

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