Character, democracy and rule of law

By Dayo Sobowale

I  start today with a quotation from one of William Shakespeare’s plays and look at the topic of the day in the light of the   quotation. The quotation says ‘Who  steals my purse steals trash. It  was mine,  it was his and has been slave to thousands; but he  that  steals my name,  robs   me of that  which not enriches him,  but makes me  poor indeed’ . I  will   go on to analyse  events in four nations  this week in the context of that quotation.

The  nations are Nigeria, the USA, the  UK   and the scourge of the Arab  nations, Israel.  Actually  I am  going to radiate around the leaders and leadership style in these nations .In all  these  nations,  politics       provided  a stern test of character, integrity  and leadership.  Whether the  leaders in these nations passed  or failed the test is  the  meat  of today’s observations.

This week in Nigeria, the government released two well  known  Nigerians …

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