Kehinde Oluleye

There is something exotic about people who move beyond their comfort zone while searching for love. Sometimes it is love that travels several miles across rivers, mountains, valleys and even in the desert to find such people. Whatever the case may be, inter-ethnic and mixed marriages have their own flavour that only those who are in can experience.

This week, we shall be spotlighting such people. We are talking about Nigerian celebrities or newsmakers married to foreigners.

Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated thespians who have wormed themselves into the hearts of many Nigerians by their good performances. She got married to British ex-husband, Roderick James Nuttal, in 2000, but they broke up in 2011.


Regina Askia-Williams & Rudolph ‘Rudy’ Williams

US-based ex-model and actress, Regina Askia-Williams, wears many hats. The actress is also a registered nurse (RN) in the US, healthcare, education al activist, television producer,…

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