Cardi B wants to bring a fan and her parents to her show after the fan cried out that her parents were restricting her from going to the show.

Cardi B has taken to her social media page to acknowledge the tears of a die-hard fan who wants to really attend her show in Lagos but can’t due to her parent’s strict policy.

The American superstar has now promised to take responsibility of the young girl and also offered to give the girl and her parents tickets to come to her show.

Sharing the video on her instastory, Cardi B wrote ;

This makes me sad.

Please parents, let her come to my show, i understand why parents are strict with their children, it’s only for protection but i will make sure she will get home don’t get in any trouble and leave my sight

I will treat her like i treat my lil cousins and i am very tough on them.

I will give her 5 tickets to the concert including the parent.

See videos below ;

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