Buhari to B/Haram, others: Retrace your steps or meet your end

President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday called on insurgents, terrorists, armed robbers, kidnappers and economic saboteurs to retrace their steps and join people of goodwill and common humanity in line with the spirit of Christmas.

Buhari made the call in a message to felicitate with Christians in particular, and all Nigerians in general, on the occasion of 2019 Christmas.

“If they fail to heed this call, they will meet their end as the armed forces, security and law-enforcement agencies are poised now to confront and defeat them,” he also said.

The president, who urged Nigerians to shun all actions which negated the spirit of the season, said people must make extra efforts to live in peace and harmony with their neighbours, irrespective of differences.

He said, “As Christendom commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, I enjoin all Nigerians to imbibe and demonstrate the essence of the season of love; goodwill among all the ethnic groups in the country; giving and sharing; strengthening the bonds of brotherhood and good neighbourliness; and focusing on all that bind us together as one united country.

“However, celebrating the spirit and virtues of Christmas need not be a one-day affair, but rather, ought to continue into the New Year.

“While it is gladdening to note that incidents of violence and conflicts have reduced drastically owing to the several operations embarked on by our security agencies, we must not let our guards down.

“As Christmas indicates good tidings of hope and redemption, Nigerians can look forward to a turnaround in the administration’s priority areas of fighting corruption, providing security, economic diversification, job creation and infrastructure upgrade.”

He solicited prayers for members of armed forces and other security agencies who were making so much sacrifice to protect us from people of evil intent at Christmas.

He reminded all Nigerians of the need to also extend love to the families of those whose bread-winners made the ultimate sacrifice while defending their fatherland.

He said the 2020 budget would be rigorously implemented to further deepen its impact on the generality of Nigerians.

He expressed confidence that the new era of cordiality and cooperation between the executive and the legislature would fast-track collective commitment to giving people better life and governance.

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