Buhari and fifth columnists – The Nation Newspaper

Sir: President Muhammadu Buhari must not allow some politicians constitute clogs in the wheel of his progress knowing that masses confidence on him is at stake. Election is over. This is the time to be strict and focused for service delivery to earn accolades after exit from politics in 2023. Those that preferred conceited interests and ambitions to public interest should be laid off. Second term in office by Nigeria’s constitution precedes retirement. But the retirement; fulfilled, glorious or otherwise will be determined by some dynamics.

The major challenge facing the country is insecurity which has perceptibly given President Buhari sleepless nights. Economy may never boom as targeted until insecurity is dealt with. The twosome; security and economy go hand in hand. And any government that failed to prioritize them is cruising on abysmal failures.

Unfortunately, scores of citizens that devotedly enrolled in a government institution; National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)…

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