Brexit: UK to leave EU on January 31st

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, on Friday, said that Britain would leave the EU by Jan. 31, 2020 at the latest if his Conservative Party wins a majority in the election in two weeks time.

According to the NYTimes, Johnson said, “If we can get a working majority then we will come on Jan. 31 at the absolute latest,”

He reiterated that he saw no reason why Britain would need to extend the transition period after Brexit beyond the end of 2020.

Asked if he would rather be prime minister or have Britain leave the EU, he replied: “I would rather get us out of the EU. I can tell you that.”

Similarly, Johnson said that he would not say how many children he had, saying that he would not “put them on the pitch” ahead of the Dec. 12 election.

“I love my children very…

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