‘Breast cancer is not a spiritual attack’

Mrs. Betty Anyanwu-Akeredolu is the wife of the Ondo State governor.  She is the founder of Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria and also a fish farmer. Mrs. Anyanwu-Akeredolu speaks with OSAGIE OTABOR on her experiences as the governor’s supporting spouse in the last four years. 



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I belong to the school of thought of women that we have potential which society has stepped on for too long. Women cannot breath. The knees of the society have been on our neck and it behoves on some of us that are educated to recognise the subjugation and deliberate attempt of the society to continuously press women down even when they have the potential to shine. We keep emphasising on education because education empowers her. In the absence where a woman has been unlucky to attain education, there are other ways we can empower her and that was the reason for establishing the Foundation of Wives of Ondo State Officials (FOWOSO). The wives of the…

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