Board members: Ogba can’t resign

Board members of the  Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Brown Ebewele and Dare Esan , have rejected the resignation of former AFN President, Solomon Ogba while calling for the probe of the $150,000 World Athletics grant given to the federation for the hosting of the 2018 African Athletics Championships (CAA) in Delta.

Ebewele described Ogba’s resignation as attempt to divert attention  from the  disputed $150,000 grant, asking why the fund from the CAA  was not paid into the federation’s account but a private account.

Ogba had earlier yesterday resigned as a board member of the AFN citing unhealthy politicking in the board and undue interference by the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the affairs of the federation.

A fumed Ebewele said: “Ogba should go and tell that to the marines. When we hosted the African Junior Championships in 1997 in Ibadan, the IAAF gave AFN $90,000 to assist in the hosting of the championships. We know how this thing works and he shouldn’t…

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