Blessing Okoro Reveals Why Her Marriage Ended

Blessing Okoro

Blessing Okoro has revealed the reason her first marriage ended.

According to the blogger, the marriage which produced a son ended due to domestic violence, which she claims almost ended her life.

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Blessing who tied the knot at the age of 19 shared a video on her Instagram account and added that: “One week after our wedding, he beat me to coma.”

“He beat me to coma and his mum said he will hit me again. 4th reason my previous marriage failed.”

In another video, Blessing claimed that he beat her “to the altar” on their wedding day because she refused to pack plates.

She wrote: “No 3 . He beat me to the alter. Why my previous marriage failed.”

One of her bridesmaids also corroborated the story, writing: “Memories…. , I remember your words that night when you were crying… ” my father warned me”



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