Bishop Sam Zuga Shares Healing Formula With Buhari

Nigerian clergy, Sam Zuga, has revealed that he has discovered the healing formula for the global pandemic, coronavirus.

The bishop went further to share his discoveries with President Buhari and the Adamawa State governor in an open letter.

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Elimination formula: 3 spoons of salt, 7 plastic cups of water, 7 cubes of sugar. Add the salt into the water, then add the sugar, then boil the water to 33°C. Take 3 spoon in the morning 2 spoons in the afternoon 2 spoons in the evening/night Take for 7 days. Say this short prayer before taking: Lord Jesus Christ, I come to you today; I am a sinner, forgive me my sins, from today I accept you as my personal savior, heal me Jesus Christ so that I will serve you all the days of my life, thank you Father for saving and healing me in Jesus Name.

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Bishop Sam had earlier talked about the formula to his congregation and has now shared it with President Buhari

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According to the bishop, a mixture of sugar, salt, and water at a certain degree is all it takes to cure coronavirus.

The cleric also pointed out the formula can heal other ailments.

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Bishop Sam Zuga
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