Beyond coding and generalised test preparation, what do Nigerian tertiary institutions gain from edtech solutions?

Although the African tech ecosystem is obviously blooming, some parts of the continent have witnessed more considerable growth than others. In fact, startups within this space have experienced healthy competition and robust investments.

Undisputedly, the application of various technological innovations has improved efficiency and increased output in different sectors such as communication, agriculture, commerce, transportation, finance, medicine, and education, among others. And as it is, some sectors have recorded diverse innovations compared to others.

For instance, fintech platforms offer products ranging from payment, lending, insurance, savings and investment, to wealth management, mobile banking, and digital currencies. Meanwhile, in agritech, players have leveraged on technological advancements to improve production, distribution, value-adding, preservation, investment, and profitability in agriculture.

And an interesting part of this has been the use of tech to disperse relevant information that has increased the success of agricultural processes. Even…

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