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By Fred Edoreh


Recently, the League Management Company engaged club owners for solutions to steer the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL), post COVID-19 lockdown, but it was greeted with the familiar  misinformation  by people who wanted a return to the old order of the Nigeria Football League Limited (NFLL).  They suggested that the only way to advance the NPFL is a return to the NFLL deals that left the league in squalor until the League Management Company (LMC) came to rescue it.

Inimically praying for the failure of the current broadcast and commercialization partnership with NEXT Digital TV and even calling on club owners “to rise up” against the LMC, they conveniently hid the fact that the old Nigeria Football League Limited (NFLL) ran a transaction in which the league broadcaster paid $5.4m per season to a middleman who only pinched N150m (barely $1m at the time) to the league and its 20 clubs and kept $4.4m as profit.

At a point, the league could no…

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