BetKing Bettors To Royals With N250Million Payout 10 Bettors 2019

BetKing is indeed the play ground for kings as far as the gaming industry in Nigeria is concerned, and if you are not use to royalty, well get ready to be spoilt silly. A look at the top 10 winnings that was paid out in 2019 by All Sports Predictions shows how this company continues to transform lives and help people live their dreams. Surprisingly, it does not take much to get much more from the platform of the brand.

BetKing is a sports betting company based in Lagos, offering online services nationwide and agency services in cities across Nigeria. The company has been a dominant player in the sports betting sector since its launch in 2018. Interestingly, the services offered by the company are sports betting which encompass sports like football, hockey, cricket, tennis, basketball and more, customized state-of-the-art virtual games including the exclusive Kings’ League and Colour-Colour. BetKing also offers agency opportunities for individuals who are called Kingmakers once they sign up to deliver offline betting services to customers.

The brand and its Kingmakers have definitely crowned at least ten (10) kings in year 2019 as shown by the details of some of the winnings that made the list of top ten (10) payout from the company within the year.


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This winning ticket was the highest winner on the platform in 2019. The bettor won N39, 954, 807.72 with a stake of N7670 and the payment was settled in the month of July 2019. The ticket consists of 20 games with a total of 2894.02 odds.

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This ticket won N39, 007, 805.76 with a stake of N100 in the month of October making it a joint second highest payout from BetKing. This ticket had a total of 169599.16 odds from 30 games.

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The amazing fact about this ticket is that it is similar to the second ticket. It won N39, 007, 805.76 with a stake of N100 in the month of October. And it is believed that the set of games that won in one ticket must have been replicated in another ticket. This ticket also had a total of 169599.16 odds from 30 games.

Bet Coupon Code: 6UBN-29DMJ-6-TUAQ

The holder of this ticket staked N10, 000 to win N26, 869, 212.40 making the ticket the 4th highest payout by BetKing in 2019. The ticket had 20 games and a total of 1853.05 odds.

Bet Coupon Code: 6UJP-EE7DY-A-24GS

This was another instance of using little to win much as the ticket holder only had to stake N100 to win N20538997.27. This winning also came through in the month of October. The ticket had 21 games and a total of 111, 021.61 odds.


Bet Coupon Code: 6TNR-JFY12-9-18JK

While some try their luck using small amounts, there are others who are sure of their trade to the extent of staking as high as N450, 000 on a ticket. That move paid off for this ticket holder who won N19, 120, 312.52. This winning was recorded in the month of January 2019 with a total of 36.91 odds from 14 games.

Bet Coupon Code: 6UR8-BUDRG-6-WY7W

Another small bet but great win was recorded in the month of December as this ticket holder placed a stake of N100 to win N18, 350, 062.5. The payout was made on the 9th of December to give the winner enough time to prepare for a very merry Christmas. This winning also came through in the month of October. The ticket had five games and a total of 174, 762.50 odds from the correct scores market.

Bet Coupon Code: 6UEU-MG9BT-2-N5AN

Talking about bold statements, this bet was a King’s bet that eventually won a King’s reward. The ticket holder placed a bet of N4, 000, 000 to win N15, 920, 000. This bettor sure knows what he was doing as bets of this size are not common. The ticket had only one game on it with 3.98 odds.


Bet Coupon Code: 6UEU-MGA9V-A-SSY5

This winning was similar to the 8th win on the list as the ticket also recorded a bet of N4, 000, 000 to win N15, 920, 000. The ticket had one game on it with 3.98 odds. It could be a bettor staking twice or two friends staking on the same game, but the results came out the same. Both tickets won on the same day in the month of September

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The last of the top ten payouts from BetKing is another mouth watering N15, 322, 186.62 which was won with a stake of N5, 500 in the month of March 2019. The ticket had thirty nine (39) games on it with 2934.50 odds and maximum potential winnings of N26, 630, 551.43. However, the ticket holder was smart enough to cash-out before the expiration of all the games as the last game on the ticket would have spoilt the ticket.

It is interesting to note that only the top ten payouts have been reported in this article. There are many more Nigerians who are living like kings since 2019 because of their investments and the eventual reward of same on the BetKing platform.

As the year 2020 rolls on, it is believed that there will be many more bettors who will hit the bull’s eye within the year and end up smiling to the bank with their winnings.
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