BBN: Gathering’s not a death sentence

By Victor Akande

With the recent announcement by Multichoice, of the fifth season of Big Brother Naija (BBN) premiering this July, it is another opportunity for critics of the show to wear their toga of opprobrium. This time, their argument will assume a more arrogant posture over what, in their estimation, is a narcissist disposition of the organisers in the face of a world-ravaging pandemic. In a short while, these self-acclaimed pundits on how not to run a show will fill the social media space with beer parlour tutorials.

It is obvious to discerning minds that after COVID-19, the world will never remain the same. And I tell you; one of the things that will make way for people and businesses will be creativity. And as the world finds its path back to business – new rules of engagement will outsmart the odds, creativity and technology will blaze the trail, and gathering will no longer be a death sentence – this trend, my brother, is the new normal.

Need I say that…

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