Bauchi community neglected for nearly 50 years gets UNICEF MNCHN project

David Adenuga, Bauchi

Shelim, a rural settlement in Gamawa Local Government Area of Bauchi State, is a rustic backwater with over 1,000 residents.

It has been without any infrastructure for nearly 50 years

The dwellers in Shelim community are nomadic farmers, occupying a savanna farmland. They live mostly in huts and mud houses.

Only the village head owns a motorcycle with which he assists inhabitants during medical emergencies.

According to the village head, Saleh Ibrahim, the inaccessible health care facility in the settlement has posed a challenge for them.

” We have to go to Taranka or Bulkwachua to access health facility, which is almost 4 hours journey.

“The women in labour at times die on the way while some go unconscious become getting to the facility.”

But all of that have changed courtesy of the EU/ UNICEF Hard to Reach Services.

Through it, they access antenatal care and receive malaria, typhoid and pneumonia treatment.

They also get immunisation for the…

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