Bandits are ethnic militants seeking survival – Gumi

By Alao Abiodun

Renowned Islamic cleric, Sheik Ahmad Gumi has stated bandits are militants fighting for ethnic survival.

The former captain in the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) spoke on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Monday.

Speaking about his experience with the armed herders, he said: “It is a complex issue. It is an ethnic war and the solution is dialogue and teaching them Islam. To them, they are talking about an ethnic existence.”

Asked if the armed bandits are Nigerians, Gumi said: “They are Nigerians. I hate to call them bandits. They are militants fighting for ethnic survival.

“They want to defend themselves. If there is peace, you will not see such things as banditry, kidnapping among others.

“If you are talking about victims, they have more victims on their side than others. To them, they are fighting a war of existence.

“If you have seen them (herdsmen), you will discover they have nothing like civilization other…

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