Baba Ijesha and the Limit Of Jokes [opinion]

By Tayo Ogunbiyi

WATCHING or listening to comedy is one of my most exhilarating hobbies. I love movies that are spiced with comedy.  Comedy makes me have good laughs. Of course, laughter is medicine to the soul and body. That is why I love comedians.

In a society where having good laughs is becoming rare, our comedians should be commended for being merchants of humour. They truly deserve every fortune they earn via the trade. Making people laugh isn’t a tea party, especially in a stressful society like ours.

I have quite a few favourite comedians, both local and foreign, particularly the ones with irresistible and compelling vibes. However, I admire every comedian and could make do with anyone. In as much as the end result-laughter- is achieved.

In my romance with comedy, one…

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