Arthur Eze by an eye witness

Ethelbert Okere


I borrow the title of this article from the book I did on another great Nigerian that also goes by the name, Arthur; talking about Senator Arthur Nzeribe. The book, which I wrote to mark the latter’s 80th birthday last year, is entitled: Arthur by an eyewitness. I dedicated the book to his four other namesakes who I have had the privilege of knowing closely, namely, Chief Arthur Mbanefo, Prince Arthur Eze, Dr Arthur Nwankwo and Arthur Okere, my son. I had been admiring these four great Nigerians from a distance but my son owes his name to my eventual encounter with Prince Arthur Eze.

It all began in 1997 when I wrote my second book, Nigeria and the search for leadership (A return to the East). For the public presentation of the book, I approached Chief Arthur Mbanefo, who I had never met before – but who acknowledged that he had been reading me – to chair the occasion and he accepted. Among my invitees were Prince Arthur Eze. I had never met him or known…

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