Art of self-love for a healthy relationship

By Rois Ola

When it comes to what is necessary to have healthy, thriving, passionate, intimate and trusting relationships, we are all looking for answers. Can it really be something as simple as self-love?

We are all looking for the secret ingredient to the perfect relationship recipe that will fix all of our problems with our significant others. We are obsessed with how to love properly, how to express it in the right way and what we can fix about ourselves in order to do so.

It’s all about you

While this might seem a bit obvious – that the answer lies within – it’s the realist, harshest and most overwhelming and intimidating truth out there.

Accepting yourself as you are is the answer to how to create the healthiest romantic relationship possible.

Definitely not an easy road

Self-love isn’t all about body positivity and incorporating new self-care routine (although those are important). At first, it is actually much more difficult.

Self-love is staring your inner…

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