Anyone On Minimum Wage Should Not Have Many Kids

Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has shared his thoughts on parenting and, according to him, people who are on minimum wage should steer clear having so many kids.

Taking to his IG page, Reno suggested a vasectomy on any man who is on minimum wage and still having many kids.

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“Your brother on MINIMUM WAGE had his 6th child and you CONGRATULATE him? He does not need CONGRATULATION. He either needs a bigger REMUNERATION or a VASECTOMY. In Africa, we give birth to children we can’t care for, and the children grow up to blame, not the parents, but uncles and aunties (who are struggling to bring up their own children), for not taking care of them. It breeds a cycle of DEEP FAMILY HATRED. Their children resent your own children for what little you can provide for them. Let us put an end to this cycle by having children according to our pockets.”

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