Angry Fans Blast the Hell Out Of Angel for Showcasing Her Private Part to Housemates



Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemate, Angel has been lambasted by some Nigerians on social media after she showcased her private parts to other housemates.


She did the act before Queen and Whitemoney in the early hours of Monday.


When Angel raised up her clothes to reveal her private part, surprised Queen said, ” Close your ‘this thing’ Angel. Why are you opening it for everybody to see?”


Whitemoney said, “Angel is a marketer. She’s doing her duty.”


Angel did not listen to their talk as she kept on pulling up her shirt and smiling. She then said, “Did you see anybody here?”


Following the display by Angel, fans have taken to Nairaland forum to lambast the housemate.


See comments below: 



I blame Angels father…. That girl is so spoilt and he keeps defending her, even at 21 she’s not matured for the show. But some father’s can sell their daughter for any price



This girl just they overdo ahhh,last time she was giving Yousef virtual cowgirl style…..hmmmm



If they CLOSE this stupid show, will the world END?

will the viewers die?

If they stop moving it’s threads to the Front-Page, will Nairaland perish?



Lol.. Mumu everywhere!.. Àbí Olosho Naija

This Bbnaija thing is a total rubbish and wasting of financial resources


Fallen angel

U exhibiting every traits Lucifer used to deceive eve. BUT not only bbn angel but also millions of others in the world like her…



Useless strategy that could cost you a lot more than what the show can offer


She’s leaving next



This girl has no dignity to protect at all. Her kinds are called ‘ashana girls’. They lack respect & don’t give a damn about others’ opinions about their lifestyle.


White Money said, “Angel is a marketer”. Lobatan!


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