An exemplar, role model and mentor joins the saints

 Femi Orebe


What a sobering week it has been for us in Ekiti with two of our indomitable titans, great and loyal disciples of the Avatar, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, joining the Saints Truimphant. We are comforted, however , that none of them died young: Pa, Senator Ayo Fasanmi at 94, and Chief S.K Babalola at 89.

Their departure home,  therefore, is for us, a celebration  of life. They lived well, and served God and humanity well, and  are therefore, assured, by His grace, of eternal rest at the feet of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I was, initially,  not that  close to Chief Babalola, he a top party  chieftain, commissioner and the state party secretary, and little me,  onlyan unofficial spokesperson of the Omoboriowo faction  of the UPN, but one event would soon change that  for life.

As spokesperson,  I  severally debated the likes of both my good friend, Hon Alex Adedipe and  Chief Olaiya Fagbamigbe, two great logicians, and  both now of blessed memory.

May their souls…

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