Amidst insecurity, Buhari says Nigeria’s pride restored by ‘success’ against Boko Haram

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said, despite the rising insecurity and attacks by Boko Haram, the successes achieved by his government against the group has restored the pride of Nigeria.

“You will agree with me that the successes we have achieved so far have restored our pride and honor in the world over,” he said Thursday.

The president said this during his induction speech on Thursday at Eagle Square, Abuja, where he commissioned three attack helicopters.

Insecurity in Nigeria

In January alone, PREMIUM TIMES reported that data from newspaper reports and available records have shown that at least 245 people were killed across Nigeria.

Expat Insider Survey of 2019 by Internations lists Nigeria as the third most dangerous country in the world as a result of both…

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