Akeredolu and security in Ondo forests

Niyi Akinnaso


ANYONE who does not know that, in addition to Boko Haram insurgents, kidnappers, armed robbers, rustlers, and, yes, herdsmen have contributed immensely to insecurity in Nigeria is either deceitful or lives in a bubble, where he or she is screened away from reality.

Similarly, any Nigerian living in Nigeria should have known by now that the distinction between these categories of molesters of lives and deprivers of livelihoods has become blurry, partly because they are all armed and partly because they operate in similar ways. Besides, the effects of their operations on lives and livelihood are about the same. As a shorthand, I will henceforth use the term bandits to cover these categories.

Given the high profile operations of these bandits in Ondo state since the kidnapping of Chief Olu Falae and the destruction of his farm multiple times, it is more than baffling that anyone would blame any Governor, who operates within extant…

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