Aisha Buhari Reveals How She Felt About The Rumors Of President Buhari Taking A New Wife

Aisha Buhari

Aisha, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, has said that she did not take the rumour that her husband was taking a new wife seriously.

Speaking on Television Continental, Aisha said that she was really worried when social media was awash with reports on the death of her husband but said she never took the marriage rumour seriously.

She said, “I didn’t take it seriously because even my husband didn’t know what was happening,

“Both of us didn’t know what was happening; they just decided to bombard social media with it. They are now taking to social media to bring down the government itself.

“I think that we should not allow people that are nothing to override the innocent; I don’t know why people that are supposed to be in charge should remain mute while bad people take over the country from us. It is impossible and totally unacceptable.”

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