Aisha Buhari rebukes Minister, wants sanctions for false attack on president

President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, has accused her husband’s aides and the communications minister, Isa Ibrahim, of not doing enough to fight fake news especially those targeted at her husband.

Mrs Buhari said some Nigerians were trying to use social media to “bring down the government”, and officials were soft on peddlers of fake news, allowing Mr Buhari’s personality to be mocked with “no consequences.”

“The Minister of Communications that is supposed to give an order, to bring an end to fake news, talked about it and everybody laughed and that was the end of it. No consequences for any offenders? Nothing? You say what you like and you go free.

“There is no way we will have such a society and have peace in it. When there are no consequences, everyone does…

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