Africa’s the next big market for attention selling business

Many years ago when I first read the popular quote, “If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product,” I was spooked; it even had me rethinking my relationship with the Internet. But I stayed because I’ve always loved the Google search engine.

Watching The Social Dilemma — Netflix’s documentary — reawakened my fears, but it might get some people to consider doing a social media detox. 

Interestingly the quote, which existed long before social media, is connected to how television profited from advertising in the 70s. 

If online media doesn’t adopt the model that worked for TV stations and other forms of traditional media, what other options exist?


But the problem is that artificial intelligence (AI) — the technology used for online media — is very versatile and out of human control. 

The utopian and dystopian picture the documentary paints is one anyone can relate to. The boomers would have thought only the millenials and the generations after were doomed by Internet tools until they realised everyone was.


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