Actor Ben Blessing recounts how SARS extorted money from him after harassing me

Nollywood actor, Ben Blessing has narrated how he was extorted by operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, F-SARS.

Ben Blessing revealed on Instagram that the men extorted 55k from him after dragging him like a criminal.

He shares:

“This is what NIGERIA FEDERAL SARS (leopard squad) did to me today 26/12/2019 on my way to my office,they stopped to interogate me,unfortunately,i wasn’t with my ID card,they dragged into thr bus like a criminal,i tried to prove myself been Innocent of any crime been labelled against me,they started shooting,i told them I’m an actor and i also own a boutique (MARIAMGRAND OUTFIT) they dragged me into thr bus and started hitting me so hard……to cut the story short,they took me to a P.O.S spot and asked me to withdraw 60,000 or they’ll waste my life …….i was able to get them 55,000 from the spot and they gave me 2,000 to get myself home……please the following handles should come to my rescue”.

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