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The tragic deaths of two workers in factory-related accidents in Lagos State recently are another sobering reminder of the urgent need for regulatory authorities to properly address the vexed issue of occupational safety and health.

In one case, Mr.  Sunday Usenobong fell into the crucible of an iron and steel manufacturing concern situated in Ikorodu. Given that crucibles are the receptacles for melting metal and can reach extremely high temperatures, it is no surprise that he died instantly. In the other case, a moulding machine operator, Mr.  Femi Olatunde, had his head trapped in the machine he was operating. He also died on the spot.

Both cases reveal a toxic mix of inadequate training, the lack of protective clothing, the absence of safety procedure, the failure to institute and implement workplace safety measures, and an overall dearth of a safety culture.

How was it possible that the late Mr. Usenobong was working so close to a superheated crucible which apparently did…

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