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I usually think it’s not fair when people dismiss the youths of today as a bunch of unserious people.

You hear people say most young people don’t know anything. They don’t want to work. They are too much into entertainment. They want quick money. They are very disrespectful.

Of cause this can’t be totally true as there are many outstanding young people who have distinguished themselves in their various endeavours.

Many are very brilliant and very good at what they do. They are very innovative thanks to the digital era and exploring new frontiers old generations never attempted.

The fact that a good number of them too are very disappointing in their ways does not mean they are all the same. Even in the good old days and years the old generation of today lived, we had our own group of ‘bad boys and girls’

I am very proud of many young people I know who cannot in any way be classified as the typical youth of today who misbehave in ways that call for concern.

There is,…

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