Abimbola Adedokun’s mischievous labelling of Gbajabiamila as manipulator

By Adeoba Michaels

The Punch backpage lady columnist, Abimbola Adelakun’s Thursday piece on Gbajabiamila describing the Speaker of the House of Representatives as manipulator is shallow and jejune.

I am an ardent reader of Adelakun’s column. Sometimes her polemics are logical  but most times she shoots from the hip like wishy-washy article on ‘Gay Jesus’ where she strove vainly  to justify the sacrilegious film on Netflix under a misguided liberalism.

Her usual poor intellectual rouble rousing also reflected in the salvo fired at Gbajabiamila. Let’s me state for the records that I support holding the feet of elected leaders to fire and ensure they deliver what they professed during electioneering  to the people but not a mischievous interventions and reckless name calling.

Adelakun, as a back page columnist of a leading newspaper like The Punch needs to do more while gathering materials for her column.

It is sheer lack of thoroughness on her part to have built her…

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