A welcome relief


A FIRST indication that South Africa is ready to take decisive step against violent crimes in the society, even where the victims are foreigners, especially Nigerians, came with the December 2 sentencing of a police constable for robbing and killing a Nigerian. The constable, Austin Reynolds, had shot an innocent Nigerian, Mr. Ebuka Okoli, at close range for no just cause. The constable thought nothing of snuffing life out of a fellow human being. He had no respect for the sanctity of life, the nicety of following the rule of law and respecting the fundamental rights of all, citizen or resident.

The constable who committed the crime in January 2018 probably thought nothing would happen since Okoli is a Nigerian and thus endangered in the jungle that the South African society is turning to. In recent times, South Africa has always been in the news for xenophobic attacks. Many foreigners, especially Nigerians, Zimbabweans and Mozambicans have borne the brunt of the anger of the…

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