A Tale of ECOMOG Soldiers’ Sojourn in Sierra Leone (Part 1)

Solomon Gyang is unsure why he still does what he does. If he had any sense, he knows, he’d have quit this life a long while back. He doesn’t want to be where he is now: Perched on a wooden seat in a market-town on the frontlines of the herdsmen conflict in Nigeria’s north.

Yet another war. Loudspeakers placed at road intersections blast high-pitched Hausa tunes in the background. He gets on the phone periodically to check on the men in his unit. A regiment sergeant major but more importantly, a man of The Word, Mr Gyang, a sergeant, carries the burden of checking the troops in the operation. Today, he must make sure a suspected herdsman is not tortured by his colleagues. They tend to get carried away, he says, and God forbid a prisoner is tortured to death on his watch.


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