A probe of the supernaturality of numbers


Title: World Globalization Numerically

Autor:  Abdullahi Tunau Ribe

Reviewer: Elo Edremoda

Publishers:SSB Publishers

Pages:              444


Numbers, they say, don’t lie. A famous philosopher, Pythagoras of Samos, was quoted to have said, ‘numbers rule the universe.

‘’ They play distinct roles in human lives and events, when supernatural factors are considered, as told by Abdullahi Tunau Ribe, in his book, World Globalisation Numerically.

Though the subject of numerals and their representations is not one that is common to discuss, it is worthy to note that very important activities of humans revolve around numbers. However, in this book, it is not certain if the significance of these numbers are generally acceptable.

Tunau said his interest in numbers began from his primary school days, when his Arithmetic teacher would randomly call out numbers while they (himself and classmates) were in the field and expect them to write as many that they…

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