A Foundation’s Perspective to Docu Filmmaking

With Victor Akande


THE announcement by Ladima Foundation of its partnership with the DW Akademie, and launch of the Ladima Film Academy in Lagos with two short courses in January, is the way to kickstart 2020.

The second short course taking place at the Ladima Film Academy will be an introductory course in documentary film, taking place from January 28 to February 1, 2020.

Documentary filmmaking is an important and powerful tool for telling meaningful stories and enabling voices and perspectives to be heard.

This introductory overview into the history and evolution of documentary filmmaking trends and styles will be presented by Rama Thiaw and is presented in partnership with STEPS (www.steps.co.za).

Rama Thiaw is an African filmmaker and screenwriter. She is known for her 2009 documentary Boul Fallé, la Voie de la lutte and The Revolution Won’t be Televised that has premiered in the Berlinale 2016, in the Forum Section, and won the Fipresci Prize, a special Mention of the…

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