2021: Nigeria needs massive jolt of reforms to escape its fragility

By Olu Fasan

THE year 2020 is gone, unsung! The year 2021 is here. But what will it bring? I mean, what will the new year mean for Nigeria? For the entire world, we already know, sadly, that COVID-19 is mutating and still ravaging.

But, despite the 101,331 cases and 1,361 deaths, as of January 12, Nigeria, a country of 200million people, is not in the grip of COVID-19, and it would be misguided to let the pandemic to mask the far greater existential threats that this country faces.

Truth be told, without fundamental reforms, Nigeria is at serious risk of being trapped in permanent decline or stasis. This country’s fragility and systemic weaknesses are simply too deep to be sustainable. Its institutions risk crumbling, and majority of its people are in danger of becoming…

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